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Customer Reviews for Safe Money Experts

5 stars
If anyone has ever been divorced  (once) it becomes clear quick that dividing assets and not establishing divorced credit is essential to the financial future of your family.  I am grateful to Mr. Mack and his team of associates for assisting me through this hard time and performing a financial review.  I thank Mr. Mack and his team for standing up and completing a free – yes, I said free financial review so that I could make sense of this jargon and not be overwhelmed on certain points. It is with great honor I refer him to people I trust because anyone who has been through a dissolution of marriages knows it comes with great pain and at a great price. His team was there through my uncertainty and I could count on him- the team previously was sharing everything in statements and emails- I was going through enough his dynamic team alleviated my stress and made things clear. For this I have perpetual gratitude.

5 stars
I am a Chicago Public schools employee anyone following the news knows we are impacted greatly by financial turpitude I have worked in the field for several years and I worked hard to teach and it was what I loved to do- two important lessons it is hard to get re- employed at the top of the salary schedule and no- teachers  in Illinois are not eligible for social security. Thanks Mr. Mack and your team for helping me through this time of need – I encourage you to continue to teach and promote financial literacy as I know it is your passion I wish you and your team the very best!

5 stars
I started listening faithfully to LaRoy Mack the Safe Money Expert, I knew there was something to it because I have seen him at venues for Rejoice on social media and he is always promoting educational seminars. I started looking him up I am not going to lie because that’s what we do – we trust a friend, a relative and a pastor. I am his client and I can state this he said something that at first I thought was harsh- if you are taking money advice from people who don’t have any money themselves how do you know they are giving sound advice . For those of us who want to do better and have more we have to take this message away- if we want to have more knowledge is power and you can’t teach what you don’t know- you have to have a sit down with this man. It will blow you away spoiler alert he is not only on the Rejoice channel and I have been following him on several different media outlets but I am proud of his commitment to the community. The impact of what he can teach you has the power to change your life forever – I was a skeptic too, until I wasn’t.

5 stars
Mr. Mack the Safe Money Expert has a small financial firm – his firm was dynamic educational tutorials, product reviews, and engagement with my previous pension holder who  was running me in circles- it was a nightmare fees and plummeting portfolio numbers in the stock market.  So I went to scope this promise of grow your money without risk. Wow, seeing is believing keep it up- education is key what I decided to do not only guaranteed me 10% of my money at inception it secured its baseline  even when the market falls it – that was profound .

5 stars
Almost four years to the date after the signing of our personal financial plan and commitment I called him to tell him-my husband had a terrible accident he had aspirated and had an asthma attack it was hours before I knew he was not old he was not young – he was right in the middle of the prime of his life and I never saw that coming- I needed not only the advice but the hand holding to deal with life after my husband’s home-going and you feel like you are ready- but; sometimes things come in time unforeseen I would encourage anyone at any age to be realistic about what they want to leave for their family – because although death is natural it can be unexpected. Mr. Mack I thank you and my family loves ya!

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