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1. How would you like a tax strategy that allows you to add benefits for your Business Employees and Contract Staff at little or no cost to your business?

• Select specific employees (or all) and include business owner as participants
• Provide incentives to reward and retain key employees
• Business Owner and Key Employees receive a valuable benefit
• Tax-deductible to the company as compensation (verify with your accountant)
• Simple to implement: no IRS approval required - I handle everything
• Potential for retirement income through tax-free loans and withdrawals
• Accelerated additional benefits in the event of a qualifying terminal, chronic, critical illness or critical injury
• Heirs can receive an income tax-free death benefit

2. Call me and ask these important questions:

- How does it work?
- How much will it cost my Business
- How to Begin Enjoying Executive Benefits
- How to Benefit from Your Executive Bonus Plan
- Design your Benefits Package to include a tax-free death benefit for your heirs, or provide supplemental retirement income for you
- Will you be able to write off any business paid premiums and simultaneously treat them as a bonus to employees as it funds personal life insurance?

Call Today and lets explore the value in additional benefits you can begin receiving!

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